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The more prevalent online learning becomes, the more and more there is content for that learning available to educators.

Yes! Help Me Find A SCORM Player LMS

The more prevalent online learning becomes, the more and more there is content for that learning available to educators. Learning Management Systems, or LMS’s, are a way to organize the content and expectations of a particular project or lesson.   As these programs and methods of relaying information and standards to learners and educators alike increases, however, a newly created potential problem becomes apparent. When dealing with technology, there is not always a smooth transition from one program or operating system to another. The Sharable Content Object Reference Model is a way to revolutionize Learning Management Systems by streamlining their organizational structures. macbook laptop with scorm video player on screen The Sharable Content Object Reference Model, or SCORM, is by far the most widely accepted technical specification for content interoperability. Simply stated, SCORM standards help to make sure that all e-learning systems can play together nicely! SCORM content is a way to create pieces of online learning management material that can be shared and combined with other materials. This means there is a large quantity of SCORM compliant content that is commercially available and can be installed and run on many different course management systems with little or no further customization. When you purchase our Course Player it will allow you to take any Learning Management System data and use it interchangeably and in conjunction with additional materials regardless of the system by which it was written. The Course Player gives you real possibilities in adapting content to your operating systems. Add to this the ease with which standard HTML pages can be converted to SCORM with Dreamweaver extensions, the convenience of Course Player for online and CD delivery of courses, Course Player’s support of style-sheets and content encryption, and you have a winning combination that will lead to education with ease. Course Player enables you, online training and e-learning professionals, to deliver SCORM-compliant courses on CD or SCORM-compliant courses using a static web server. That’s right, you don’t need any expensive Learning Management System (LMS) or Course Management System (CMS) to deliver SCORM courses anymore. All you need is Course Player! Course Player supports the use content encryption, in HTML only, in order to also protect against unauthorized re-distribution of courses. Course Player is the only tool training professionals need to delivery distance learning, online education, learning online courses, online training or eLearning. The same content can be delivered via the web or CD. Course Player can deliver standard SCORM v1.2 compliant content, without any modification, immediately. You just need to expand the content (if it comes as a zipped package) into the specified directory. Course Player reads the file and generates the table of content and necessary navigation automatically.     Yes! Help Me Find A SCORM Player LMS